IRIS is a leading provider of ‘Content to Process‘ technologies. Since 1987 IRIS has  specialized in providing technologies that capture data and information contained in documents, which are relevant to business processes. Our core technology is IRISXtract™ which is used for automated processing of invoices and orders, HR and supplier records as well as case management documents in the legal, healthcare, and finance industries.

I.R.I.S. Group has offices in Europe, Asia and North America. More than 500 employees work in an environment   that encourages creativity and the exchange of ideas, as well as self-responsibility. Cultural diversity among our employees is what inspires us and helps that innovations come true.

A Canon Company

Since June 2013 I.R.I.S. is part of the Canon Group – one of the leading innovators and suppliers of imaging solutions. Canon and IRIS will work together to offer customers more advanced solutions and services.

Perfection in Partner Business

Solutions for automating business processes using IRISXtract™ are sold, installed and operated via partners. We work with:
  1. Value Added Resellers (VAR), who integrate IRISXtract™ as a data capture software in their business process solution
  2. Business Process Outsourcers (BPO), who provide services of document classification and data extraction using on IRISXtract™
  3. Shared Services Centers (SSC), who provide data capture services for their own organization
IRISXtract™ is only available via our international certified partner network. Our partners represent the highest quality and advanced classification and extraction solutions, and actively contribute to the evolution of the IRISXtract™ platform

Thanks to our partners the award-winning IRISXtract™ software is currently supporting over 1500 companies, and has processed over 1 billion documents.


Valérie Kirfel   Frauke Niemeyer
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+49 241 9203520
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