Many companies consider document management as a burden for internal resources and a distraction from the core business. That’s why they trust BPOs. IRISXtract™ is the proven solution for automating invoice & purchase order processing, and digital mailroom solutions. IRISXtract™ enables you to quickly launch services and deliver on your SLAs. How can we help you deliver centralization and restructuring programs for your clients?

“IRISXtract™ for Documents was truly a superior, more advanced and extensive solution with which we could provide an outstanding service to our clients.”
Scott McMillan, President Cercle Group
“Working in such a complex market calls for business partners who are competent, flexible and committed. I.R.I.S. has proven to be such a partner.”
Gerard Cervelló Garcia, VP Sales Operations Scytl

6,000 loan applications a day

“The classification of incoming mail as a service is an important component of our service range.”
Andreas Nolte, Head of IT arvato direct services

3.5 Mio. documents a year

“Throughout the demanding selection process, I.R.I.S. showed itself to be an expert provider of products and solutions in the area of intelligent document processing.“

Roland Spitzhirn, General Manager Scanpoint
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