IRISXtract™ is the award-winning “Content to Process” platform. IRISXtract™ automatically classifies documents and extracts essential information to transfer it to your business process applications. We’ve proven our accuracy with over 1 billion documents processed. If you want to make your information available faster – every language, every document, every process – find out more about IRISXtract™.  Get your company‘s data to where it’s needed: in process!

Thanks to the efficiency of the platform we are saving costs with IRISXtract™ for Documents. This allows us to invest these resources into customer care.”
Martin Odinius, Head of Devision DMS GWS
“I was amazed by the power of the software, what the software can do, how it’s possible to improve it, how easy it is to use.”
Rui Ferreira, Team Leader GADSA
“We went for I.R.I.S. because their solution stood out as an innovative, highly efficient solution platform: processing various kinds of documents, flexibility and scalability.”
Werner Schultheis, CT Director Randstad
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