Our automatic purchase order capture solution is the ideal complement to an order management system. Processing purchase orders manually is resource intensive. The OCR and data capture technology in IRISXtract™ automates the entire order process for faster and more reliable processing times, and removes lost orders and human error. Automatically and digitally processing incoming orders therefore considerably increases customer loyalty.

"IRISXtract™ for Documents meets our quality standards perfectly. With the help of I.R.I.S. we were able to reduce the processing times and simplify our working procedures."
Günther Grimm, Order Management Weber
“Throughout the demanding selection process, I.R.I.S. showed itself to be an expert provider of products and solutions in the area of intelligent document processing.“
Roland Spitzhirn, General Manager Scanpoint
“We have achieved a noticeable increase in performance across the entire company thanks to the automation of our invoice and order processing.”
Anton Lütte, Head of IT FRANKE
“Increasing quality basically means that we use automatic data capturing and testing to prevent capture errors as much as possible, which in turn has a positive effect on overall process costs.”
Peter Reinhardt, Head of Accounts Payable E/D/E
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