The automation of document based business processes has a huge impact on your company’s efficiency. IRISXtract™ is the proven solution for automated classification and indexing of unstructured data. With IRISXtract™ as your core technology you can automate all processes, including invoice and purchase orders, and build a digital mailroom solution. How can we help you deliver reliable performance in every department, every region, every day?

3 Mio. pages & 300 documents a year

“We went for I.R.I.S. because their solution stood out as an innovative, highly efficient solution platform: processing various kinds of documents, flexibility and scalability.”
Werner Schultheis, Director ICT Randstad
“The I.R.I.S. system allows us to handle our increase in patent management paper volume in a more efficient and accurate way. All this happens with the existing staff.“
Norbert Mohr, Head of Department Siemens
“IRISXtract™ for Documents is so flexible and easy to expand; it hasn’t had any problems keeping up with the rapid growth over the last few years.”
Petra Wagner, DMS Department Manager Douglas (DCS)
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